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Export companies differ in the approach to the use of research. Many  would like to use research -  but due to its high cost - limit research to existing publicly available data or buy consumer data. Others, simply do not see the need for research and leave the issue of consumer intelligence to their trusted distributors. 

Only those who undertake market research can  fully understand the dynamics of their product area in the markets of interest and thus allow them to excel. What is your approach to research? 

Types of Research

Clear provides single and multi-country international research at  feasible costs. 

This includes all phases of a research project, from the brief to results presentation. 

  • Quantitative: CATI, CAPI, On line and Hall Tests
  • Qualitative:   Group, One-to-One/Paired Interviews & Accompanied Shopping . Consumer or Trade Respondents
  • Desk Research: Consumer Intelligence (local market & EU sources)

Marketing  and CRM Services

Once the research has been undertaken Clear is able to assist export companies to use the research effectively with a local marketing or PR company. Clear has a proven track record in working closely with the client to transform research results into effective strategies. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management),  whilst currently underused, is a powerful tool for exported goods. This involves both feedback via executed contracts or from the end users (consumers) themselves.

Case Study

New Alcoholic Beverage Product launch in the U.S. market. Clear was commissioned to assist in the development of the appropriate strategy for the launch of a unique Greek alcoholic beverage to the U.S. market.

Following trade interviews with respondents in both Greece and the U.S.A. the research findings determined the strengths and weaknesses of the existing competition in the target market, and identified a unique product identity that the client could develop.

The product was launched at then end of 2012. It is currently enjoying 100% re-orders at trade level. For 2013 Clear has been asked to assist with the second phase of research which will be entirely U.S.A. based.

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